Workforce Development

Leadership and ManagementLeadership and management are two very different things!

  • Do you or the leaders in your business know when to be a leader and when to be a manager?
  • Do you want them to?

Employees crave leadership and mentoring yet also need their superiors to have excellent management skills. Too often individuals who excel in their current position are promoted to a leadership or management position, not because they have great supervisory skills, but because they are a valued employee.

In addition, many small businesses are created by entrepreneurs who have great ideas and products/services, however, the owners of those aspiring small or medium sized business have no leadership or management training to assist them in assuring that they are taking care of their employees in ways that they need to be.

With a Master’s in Management and over 23 years of supervisory experience allow me to assess the level of leadership/management skills your business requires and assist you in assuring you are growing and developing the skills of your employees.

I can also provide you with low cost, but meaningful, ways to engage, appreciate and nurture the loyalty and productivity of your workforce. Your employees will thank you!!