Recruiting top talent for your workplace is one of the most important tasks you will complete for the success of your business.

Your workforce represents you, your services and products. Your workforce needs to embrace the mission, vision and values of your company to be successful employees and to help you grow your business.

With a Master’s in Management and over 23 years of experience in supervision let me help you attract top talent, screen applicants, make recommendations on who you should interview and assist you with identifying the best interview process and performance appraisal process for your business.

You already have an individual on staff who is a Human Resource (HR) professional? Do you want your HR staff bogged down in recruitment issues or could their knowledge and talents be used better or differently to protect your bottom line?

Employee turnover is one of the most costly (and avoidable?) expenditures in your business. Allow me to help you track turnover rates, identify the reasons for your turnover and help you lessen the costs associated with recruitment and training new team members. Allow me to assist you in determining if an employee is truly a poor fit within your business or just simply in the wrong position.

North Dakota is one of the top states for problematic alcohol use. Could alcohol or drug use by your workforce be contributing to your turnover rates? Allow me to educate you on the signs and symptoms of substance use and inform you on what you can do to salvage an employee who struggles with substance use versus terminating them.