My husband and I both like Mexican food and like refreshing drinks as well.

People who know me know that I like the simple things in life…meaning, it doesn’t take much to make me happy!  Recently my hubby and I ate dinner at a local Mexican restaurant in Mandan, ND called Taqueria El Guerro. Upon entering and being greeted by the staff we knew we would have a great experience. We both ordered our meals the way we usually do- I go for the things I have tried and know I will enjoy and my husband ordered something new! However, when it came to choosing a beverage we both ordered pineapple water. Oh. My. Gosh. It was excellent!  It’s was a light, cold, and refreshing drink. I instantly fell in love with pineapple water and couldn’t wait to make our own at home. So, of course, I bought a pineapple at the local grocery store, did my research online on how to make this concoction and tried to replicate that delicious drink.  I have to say that it was “ok” but not great. We soon discovered that sadly you need to add a touch of sugar (or sugar substitute) to get it just right. Our second attempt at pineapple water was in the great state of Hawaii. Everything tastes better in Hawaii (especially the pineapples!), right? My husband made this batch and I have to admit his was better than mine…probably because he used a Hawaiian pineapple! I think we have found that the trick is to cut up your pineapple into chunks, place pineapple chunks into the blender and blend until smooth. Add sugar or sugar substitute to taste. Pour  into a large picture with water until pitcher is full. Let pulp settle to the bottom and strain. Fill a glass with lots of ice and fill with pineapple infused water.  If you are trying to increase your daily water intake this is a great way to do that with a great smooth taste. Enjoy!