Family Recovery Coaching

Family Coaching HandshakeFamily Recovery Coaching

  • How has another’s substance use negatively impacted you?
  • How can you get your life back?
  • How are you going to get there?
  • Who do you need to include in your path to recovery?

Sadly, we all seem to know someone who has struggled with a substance use issue in their lifetime. Addiction is a condition that not only impacts the substance user but also their family members (family is defined as anyone who cares for someone who struggles with their use of substances). Most times, family members suffer from great pain, stress and worry but, just like for the addicted, there is HOPE and HEALING and family members can find recovery too!

With over 25 years of experience as a Licensed Addiction Counselor, and being a Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) trained recovery coach, I have discovered that everyone’s path to their own personal recovery is different. No path is ever the same and there are many definitions of recovery.  Family Recovery Coaching assists individuals in learning how to effectively get their life back and learn to cope with and to recover from the impact of addiction in their lives.

Family Recovery Coaching is not counseling. Coaching is the act of compassionately supporting an individual who has a desire to define what their personal recovery is, assisting that individual in determining what they need to do to reach their goals and never giving up on a family member who is determined to make progress toward their goal, even if there are set backs along the way. Coaching is an inexpensive, non -intrusive, confidential and individualized approach to supporting those who truly want to be relieved from the negative impact of addiction on their life.  Family Recovery Coaching is a discreet, informal and convenient way to access support on a path to long term recovery from the impact of addiction in your life.