Communication. We all do it every day, all day, but do we do it well? I have always been told by family, friends and clients that I was a good communicator. Am I? Are you? We communicate not only by what we say but how we act too.

What I know for sure about  verbal communication is that it requires us to invite others to engage in communicating with us, to listen when they take us up on our invitation and to really communicate well you need to do so in a supportive way.

Sandy Thompson, MMGT/LAC, CCAR trained recovery coach is the owner of Path to Pono, LLC specializing in Family Recovery Coaching and Leadership and Workforce Development. She is passionate about helping others and enjoys reading, swimming, the Pacific Ocean and all German food.

One of the best ways to invite another person to communicate with you is to smile!  You can even detect a smile in a phone conversation! Communicating is a two way street. When the other person is talking your job is to listen, really listen, and not be formulating your response while the other person is talking. Finally, being supportive while communicating with another is all about doing so with your heart instead of your head. Ask questions so the other person knows that you care and you are listening.

Be intentional about inviting someone to communicate with you today! You will be amazed how inviting, listening, and being  supportive in a conversation will change how you communicate!