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Take Yourself on the Path to Pono

Improve the ways you cope with the impact of another’s substance use and implement tools I will provide to assist you in discovering your own recovery

Take Your Business on the Path to Pono

Improve your recruitment, interview and retention efforts by implementing the tools I will provide so that you can land, AND KEEP, the top talent for your agency or organization.


“Pono – Hawaiian word meaning righteousness,
honorable, correct or good. A state of harmony and balance.”

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of personal and business improvement services in areas such as family recovery coaching, new employee recruiting, current employee retention, organizational identity, leadership development and supervisor mentoring. We can deliver these services in many ways such as individualized family recovery coaching sessions, one time presentations or customized training packages.

Family Recovery Coaching

Allow me to help you live the life you deserve by assisting you cope and recover from the impact of a loved one’s substance use.

Improve Recruitment, Interview & Retention Efforts

Let me assist you in landing and keeping the top talent for your organization.

Workforce & Leadership Development

I can guide you and your staff in defining your mission, vision and values as well as provide leadership development, supervisor mentoring, and education about signs and symptoms of substance use  in the work place and how to address it.


Path to Pono provides family recovery coaching and business consulting services

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